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Secure Token

A Secure Token is issued to all customers as an additional layer of protection for your Clear Sky online banking account. 

Your Secure Token is a device – small enough to fit on your key ring – that offers a unique, one-time use numerical password which changes every 30 seconds. Each time you log in to Online Banking, you will look at the current numerical code on your Secure Token screen and enter it.

Secure Token is also available as a free downloadable app for your Android or iPhone smartphone. You may specify at account opening your preference: key ring device or smartphone app.

Your Secure Token will help prevent key-logging, an illegal process where cyber criminals install software on your computer for the purpose of stealing information like IDs and passwords. You will need to have your token or token app with you every time you log in to Online Banking.

When you download your app or receive your token in the mail, please follow the instructions to register it. Then relax; Clear Sky is taking the security of your account very seriously.

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