Student Section

For Parents

Everything students (and their parents) need to know about Student Banking with Clear Sky Accounts. 

Parents–as a joint owner on a Student Clear Sky checking or savings account, you have the ability to:

  • Transfer funds from up to two other financial institutions, all at your computer, from anywhere in the country. With just a few simple steps, money can be transferred in as little as one business day. (May take up to three business days. Funds are subject to hold.)
  • Monitor account through Online Banking, Mobile Banking and e-Statements - view Disclosures.
  • Watch savings and checking grow with competitive interest rates.
  • Help your student with additional college funding by applying for a Sallie Mae® loan.
  • Sleep comfortably knowing your student’s money is FDIC- insured and backed by a 113+ year-old, fiscally-sound community bank.
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